We Provide Direct Hire Solutions

Businesses today consider outsourcing as a more cost-efficient and business-friendly way to recruiting workers and staff payrolling. Partnering with our Healthcare Staffing solutions facilitates you in finding best of breed healthcare workers and medical practitioners, and liberates you from complexities of employee management. ,/p>

Our healthcare staff is best in the business. We understand intricacies of running a healthcare compel us to hire competent and experienced workers considering nature of their particular job. We use a fool-proof vetting system which means every applicant is hire after a thorough analysis of his skills and qualification.

Result? You get only the best staff that you can depend on.

Some of Our Outsourcing Services Include:

  • Direct Hire – We Help You Find Competent Staff Based on a Strict Vetting System
  • Per Diem – We Incur Cost of Living and Travelling of Workers
  • Payrolling- Our Payrolling System Incorporates a Comprehensive Tax Plan
  • Nurse Staffing - We Provide You with the Best Nursing Staff Who Will Diligently Serve Your Patients
  • Performance Analysis – We Periodically Evaluate Performance of Our Hires Based on Feedback of Our Clients.

We offer our recruits an all-inclusive compensation plan that meet industry standards. Our completive pay-scale and employee benefits offer a lucrative career opportunity for any healthcare worker.