Time to market, disruptive platforms and market demands are inspiring vendors to consistently launch new products and functionalities to meet market needs. On the other hand, open source and commercial software have become highly vulnerable to security threats. Such scenarios make a compelling case to engage an independent software testing company early on. Among the renowned software testing companies, Core Software Technologies has more advantage than one.

With Core Software Technologies software testing consulting, you can be rest assured to get optimal output leveraging our pool of internationally certified test engineers; test labs with modern tools; partnership and support from leading vendors. Core Software Technologies Testing-Center of Excellence strives to improve, develop and broaden expertise and capabilities from all dimensions.

Highlights of our Services

Functional Testing Services

  • Defects are detected quite early in the development cycleEnhanced productivity, reuse, faster return on investment
  • Well defined processes that are cost effective and reliable
  • Statistical techniques for predicting defects

Test Automation Services

  • Manual testing reduced, regression testing accelerated
  • Risks due to human error eliminated
  • Test coverage improved to offer better quality

Product Testing Solutions

  • All round testing is done to ensure the product is up to the standards
  • Testing is done in all the stages
  • 300+ strong trained testers work to make the products better

Performance Testing

  • Web Applications, simulating thousands of geographically targeted users
  • Load scenarios created based on need
  • Runs performed with gradually increasing loads
  • Bottlenecks in application, database, infrastructure, and code limitations identified
  • Test reports prepareds based on needs

Test Management, Support and Methodology

Under this type of independent software testing, the following steps are followed:

  • Characteristics of the product and application are studied
  • Test scope and priorities are studied
  • Test process and communication mechanism defined
  • Types of testing needed are defined
  • Test tools chosen
  • Test techniques are identified and test automation plan prepared
  • Detailed test plan prepared